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Dr.Ravza Wellbeing was created to help provide many services to people involving their personal health and wellbeing.


Dr. Ravza Wellbeing Center

DR. Ravza Wellbeing Center The first aim is to provide people to get a balanced, healthy and happy life.


For this, our process is to eliminate pain, improve sleep quality, balance energy, change bad habits, learn to love and respect themselves. For Achieve this purpose we use the Ra-Therapy, Energy healing, cupping, Lİfe Coaching, and NLP technics.  


And we also teach people to learn self-helping to continued health. We have one by one service and group work. We also give seminar time bu time for every people who care about health.

The Miracle Points of our Bodies.

Learn about the miracle points within your body that if treated properly, can revitalise and completely energise your body.

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    Sat, Jan 02
    Jan 02, 1:23 PM – 1:38 PM
    Covit19 dan sonra hayatımızda çok şey değişti, evde hapis kaldık, sevdiklerimizi göremedik, işe gidemedik, terapilerimizden bile uzak kaldık. Şimdi, ruhsal ve bedensel bizleri saran toksinlerden arınmanın çareleri ile tekrar denge sağlama zamanı...

Life Coaching

Life coaching are certified or credentialed to safely guide clients and patients who want to have a healthier life.

Health Coaching

Health coaching is the use of evidence-based skillful conversation & strategies to actively engage clients in health behavior change.

Energy Healing

Improve your bodies energy system, allowing a higher flow of energy and providing a better sense of life & wellbeing.

RA Healing

Ra - Therapy is treatment method developed by Dr. Ravza and is based on acupuncture points, body meridians, massage and energy healing method.  

Cupping Therapy

Cupping therapy uses specially created cups to reduce pressure in certain areas around the body, increasing blood flow.


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Upcoming Seminar!

Would you like to live healthy, happy, painless, energetic?
What would you say to sleep quality, to be at an ideal weight, to live without smoking? If you want them, you have found the right place; we are ready to offer solutions to your requests with natural methods!

 Dr.Ravza also organizes seminars and workshops and gives you information about healthy living. 

Dr. Ravza has given many seminars around the world involving Health and Wellbeing in countries such as Australia, Austria, England, Turkey, USA.


What our Clients are Saying.

B. İrili


"Before the treatment my body was like a barren land covered with weed. Now, after the treatment I can see the world in a different light and my body has started to breathe again."

B. İlik


"I had sinusitis and a hard time breathing. After the first treatment my nose was unblocked and I'm able to breathe freely. This is a wonderful feeling."

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E. Kurt

"After three months of illness and being bed-ridden I was able to get up and walk right after the first treatment."

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