My mother’s 19 advice for a healthy and happy life

1. Keep your waist and feet warm, but your head cool

2. Listen to the elders and children

3. Don’t drink your tea too hot

4. Don’t eat too much

5. Go to bed early and get up early

6. Be friendly, always be smiling for others.

7. Always say thank you to others

8. Don’t stay in the wind with wet hair

9. Don’t go out without breakfast

10. Claim and know your values

11. Don’t forget to say hello to everyone

12. Share your joy with your friends

13. Always sit down to drink your water and juice

14. Don’t be lazy, do something

My mother’s advice for a healthy and happy life

15. When you get upset, meet your friend and share with them

16. After dinner, walk 10 steps

17. Always eat fondly

18. Have garlic on your journey, you won’t be sick

19. Don’t complain. Think about solutions and pray

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