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Dr. Ravza Veli graduated Medical University in 1982 with a Bachelor’s Degree. She has experience in Acupuncture, Body Energy Healing, Cupping and Health, and Life Coaching.



Dr. Ravza Veli

She has given many seminars around the world involving Health and Wellbeing in countries such as Australia, Austria, England, Turkey, USA.


Dr. Ravza Veli has attended many national and international medical congresses around the world. She was apart of the team that lead to the development of the Dermatological Medical Dictionary, the contributed to the Chinese and Tatar sections of this dictionary. She is the author of the book, Miracles in our Bodies in Turkish along with an English version in the near future.


Dr. Ravza Veli speaks Chinese, Turkish and English.  She has aided many clients in stress relief, depression and anxiety relief, quitting smoking, losing weight, common sleeping disorders.


She has treated many public celebrities and their management teams including Rihanna’s management team,  Björk,  Massive Attack, Mama Mia Musical from London. 

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E. Kurt

"After three months of illness and being bed-ridden I was able to get up and walk right after the first treatment."

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